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Rap is an interesting genre of music that is sometimes difficult to share with new listeners because the lyrics are steep in context. What if one could deconstruct it?

Not just deconstruct it, but make the rapper's message stand out on its own. I reckon this could only help the appreciation of the genre.

By rewriting lyrics in simple language that anyone can understand and signing off in the rapper's legal name, I aim to give the lyrics a rebirth so it can be used by anyone: in presentations, in lectures and even in religious gatherings.

The design is carefully made for the quotables to be rewritten in not more than 25 words or four lines - whichever comers first -, so that they are captured in bits. 

Check out the blog here: rapquotables.com


By January 2019, the blog and Instagram account had gotten over a thousand followers combined. I thought to combine my love for rap with a home product by printing the already made quotables on tumbler coasters. 

I also decided to run a Kickstarter campaign for this, view it here.

Also, you can get one by ordering in my store.

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