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I've always been a fan of photo books and recently been reading more inspired by John Berger's Understanding a Photograph and Ways of Seeing. Also Teju Cole's Known and Stranger Things.

However, photo books have always been this thing you had to pause to read. And discuss deeper connotations about the picture's composition and the technique of the photographer. While I appreciate that, I also remember kid stories where the picture accompanied the stories and made the stories more wholesome. 

I missed that feel. When I spoke to Ashley, she understood what I had in mind almost instantly and we decided to do a series of photo books not styled as books, thus birthed the NO Collective.

New York

Our first go is a photo book on New York, with the design made to be placed on a wall. To be viewed as an exhibition - printed as a 140.3 x 8.3 inches sheet -  not flipped through like a book.

View it on issuu. See the final display below, enjoy!

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