Hi, I'm Chuma Asuzu.

I design products for everyday life.

My education is in engineering and design so I think I use both sides of my brain, sometimes they riot. Riots are good by the way.

My best product is the Corer Lucky Pen, and with that you can tell that my design philosophy is simple and practical. At heart I’m really just a Nasir Jones groupie. 

At some point, I played with a 3D printer every day. Then, I worked on (more against) fuel pump metering. I've worked as a design researcher, product design engineer, and data analyst in both the public and private sectors. In addition, I led the data research and product management for Maternal Figures.

I’m always looking for a new project and I'm open to collaboration and freelance design work. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in engineering at the University of Toronto, researching the aesthetics of manufactured products. I also organize Hardware Things, a community focused on hardware product development and manufacturing in Africa. 

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